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2014 Titles

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14: Best Canadian Stories
Edited by John Metcalf

John Metcalf has been a champion of the short story for as long as most of us can remember. There is no-one more passionate about the form, no-one who knows better which writers to read and which to ignore. It doesn’t matter if the writer is an old hand or is new on the scene. As long as the writing is alive and pungent, as long as it crackles, Metcalf will be there to support it—thank goodness.

8.5 by 5.5 by 160 pages, cover by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
$39.95  (cloth)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1419 5  
$19.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1420 1  
ISSN 0703 9476

14: Best Canadian Stories

Contributors: Laura Boudreau, Caroline Adderson, Kathleen Winter, Pauline Holdstock, Kathryn Mulvihill, Clark Blaise, Mary Borsky, Judith McCormack, Zoey Leigh Peterson, Susan Young, Russell Smith, David Helwig

“The arrival, late in the fall each year, of this Oberon collection is always cause for fanfare”—Quill & Quire.
“The legacy of this series is massive…a literary institution”—Ottawa Citizen.

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Coming Attractions 14
Edited by Mark Anthony Jarman

Coming Attractions 14This year we have three exciting new writers, Kris Bertin, Will Johnson and Janice McCachen. Kris Bertin has worked as a cook, a labourer and a bouncer. His first storybook will appear next year. Right now he’s a bartender. Will Johnson was once a lifeguard who taught people to swim. He’s now at work on two novels. Janice McCachen has appeared in a number of literary magazines and came second for a literary Arts Award from the CBC. All three are knockouts.

8.5 by 5.5 by 121 pages, cover by Duncan Grant
$39.95  (cloth)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1421 8  
$19.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1422 5  

New writers who first appeared in Coming Attractions include Rohinton Mistry, Frances Itani, Peter Behrens, Lisa Moore, Dennis Bock, Neil Smith, Diane Schoemperlen, Timothy Taylor, Bonnie Burnard, Sharon Butala, Steven Heighton, Mary Swan, Caroline Adderson, Rebecca Rosenblum, Gayla Reid, Alexander MacLeod

“Reading Coming Attractions is like test-driving the year’s new cars”—London Free Press.
Coming Attractions is a who’s who of our best young writers”—The Fiddlehead.

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New Orleans is Sinking

The Economist
Murray Pomerance

A storyline that combines elements of Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh and Alfred Hitchcock (and MI5) makes for an odd mix, but this is a plot that explores the darkest corners of conscience, examines betrayal and touches on contemporary fears. Murray Pomerance’s writing has always had a strong visual component, but this new vision is disturbing, prescient and insightful. This is the fourth of Pomerance’s books to appear under the Oberon imprint. The others were Savage Time, a book of stories, and two novels, Edith Valmaine and Tomorrow.

8.5 by 5.5 by 166 pages, cover by Giorgio de Chirico
$19.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1423 2  

The Economist

Murray Pomerance is the author of five books of fiction, Savage Time, Magia d’Amore, The Complete Partitas, Edith Valmaine and Tomorrow, and six works of criticism, The Horse Who Drank the Sky, Johnny Depp Starts Here, An Eye for Hitchcock, The Eyes Have It, Alfred Hitchcock’s America and Marnie. He has been the editor or co-editor of numerous volumes including A Family Affair, City That Never Sleeps, Cinema and Modernity, American Cinema of the 1950s and Enfant Terrible!: Jerry Lewis in American Film. His fiction has appeared in, among other places, The Paris Review, The Kenyon Review, New Directions and Descant, and he has been anthologized in Prize Stories 1992: The O. Henry Awards and 04: Best Canadian Stories. He lives with his family in Toronto.

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Mother Country
Deirdre Kessler

Mother CountryWhat is home? Something that happens? Something we choose? Deirdre Kessler comes from an American family for which home was a set of ideals: socialism, union solidarity. Her grandfather was buried in unconsecrated ground. Her mother was put in jail. She herself left the States during the Vietnam war and settled in Prince Edward Island. Here she found a new world of old ways and long memories. This book tells her story.

8.5 by 5.5 by 96 pages, cover by Sam Himmelfarb
$19.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1427 0  

Deirdre Kessler has published three collections of poems, Afternoon Horses, Subtracting by Seventeen and Rearranging the Sky, and sixteen books for young people, a number of which have been translated into French, Dutch and German. She has also published a dozen books of non-fiction. She teaches children’s literature, creative writing and a course on L.M. Montgomery at the University of Prince Edward Island. Currently she is working on an adult novel, Darwin’s Hornpipe, and a new collection of poetry.


Conversation with Crows
Judy Gaudet

Crows may have something to tell us. But are we listening? Sometimes. We don’t need crows to tell us that man is destructive. But we are grateful for the lives we live and we hope that patterns greater than ours may survive us. Judy Gaudet grew up in Prince Edward Island, where she still lives with the writer David Helwig. She has already published a chapbook and a book from Acorn Press, Her Teeth Are Stones.

8.5 by 5.5 by 84 pages, cover by Nancy Hunt
$18.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1428 7  

Conversation with Crows

Judy Gaudet was born and lives on Prince Edward Island, where she has published Poems, you say with Saturday Morning Chapbooks and Her Teeth Are Stones with Acorn Press. Her poems have been anthologized in The Poets of Prince Edward Island, Henry’s Creature, Landmarks and A Bountiful Harvest. She has worked as a librarian and a teacher, and is the mother of three daughters and the grandmother of triplets.

Massenet’s Elegy
William Aide

Massenet’s ElegyWilliam Aide says: “Massenet’s Elegy was the first piece of music I ever played. The book begins and ends with elegies—for my student, Peter Vonek, and for my mother, who at 97 now lives in a world of her own. It celebrates the many musicians I have known, while double dactyls and bird-watching poems lighten the central section. Annotated excerpts of the score and my live performance of the work on CD enhance the effect.”

8.5 by 5.5 by 88 pages, cover by Claude Monet
$19.95  (paper)  ISBN 978 0 7780 1429 4  

William Aide has made numerous CD recordings, including Schumann song cycles with Lois Marshall and the 24 Etudes and Preludes by Chopin. He has appeared on the CBC and BBC and given concerts in the Soviet Union, the USA and Canada.
    In 1996 he published Starting from Porcupine, a memoir about his music and the life behind it. Sea Voyage with Pigs, a collection of poems about Chopin’s 24 Preludes, followed in 2002, Letters to a Musical Friend in 2007 and Pieces in My Hands in 2010. All four books were packaged with CD recordings of William Aide in concert.
    In 2013 William Aide was awarded the Order of Canada.
“William Aide is that rare musician who uses words as expressively as music. His irrepressible search for grace has universal appeal. Aide has long been recognized as a significant voice in Canadian music. With four fine books under his belt, he is unquestionably a voice that matters in Canadian literature as well”—The WholeNote.
    “One of the most inventive and imaginative pianistic talents of our time”—Glenn Gould.

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